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Please DONT use "Cancel Booking" link- Reschedule instead

Dear Neuropark Members

Please dont use the "Cancel Booking" link if you want to change your booking. Using the "Cancel" option actually deletes your booking amd your money is lost.

Please use the "Reschedule link" from your Neuropark accounts to change bookings. You have to sing into your account through our website to reschedule - its NOT available through the app.

How to "Reschedule" your booking if you cant go during your booked time slot?

It's easy. Just go onto and log in using your email and password (the ones you used to sign up to become a member)

Once you are in; click on the little human emoji in the little circle on top right of the website (both smart phone and computer)

Click on it and you will now get into your Neuropark Account.

There click on "your bookings" and next to the booking click in the little arrow. This opens a window with options.

Click on "Reschedule" and follow this link.

There is no charge for reschedule a booking .

-> Again, please never use cancel because you will actually delete the booking.

Also, to be able to reschedule you need to do that before your session is active. Management has no access to individual member accounts; to change a booking we actually have to shut the system down to get into a calendar and then move things about. So please; use the reschedule if you can

Many Thanks


Bono & Elena

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