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Canine Neuropark is a Rehab Park Facility for members and their dog(s) with specific Physical and mental needs.  It may look like a dog park but it is not.

Below are some frequently asked questions:


If I paid for my Yearly Membership Fee, do I still have to pay for hiring the field?

Yes. The Membership fees cover the charges and upkeep of the website, booking system, Paypal fees, accounts....

The Filed Hire Charges pay for the maintenance, repairs, locks replacements, general fees for the land etc

All Net Profits will be shared between Canine Rescue Charities

Check It Out

Can I go and Check it out?

Yes, feel free to go and have a look from the outside. If someone is using the park, please keep your distance in case their dog is unsure about people unknown to them.

Can I go inside if someone is there?

NO. Please keep your distance so not to disturb the dog(s)

Our booking system is open to Neuropark Members only, we cannot control when someone books the field. Therefore, people must not just enter Neuropark. It is after all a closed Rehab Facility for members and their dog(s).

Field Booking

When I book the field, will it be just me and my dog in it, or will others be able to book the same time slot?

No. Once you made your booking through the system, nobody else can book that time slot and nobody else must enter unless they are part of your booking and understand our Terms & Conditions of Entry


Where is Canine Neuropark located?

25 Morganwood Street, Bexley, Christchurch

Morganwood Street is the first left of Wetland Grove, which is accessible from Anzac Drive

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