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Neuropark @ Pet Expo

Hi Everyone

We have been open now for 4 months and we are very grateful for all the support we have received from all of you.

At the start of any venture there are always weeknesses that arise; we had to deal with the most urgent one the last few weeks, to ensure Neuropark's enclosure is secure; cameras have also arrived and some have gone up already.

More exciting things will happen in the next few weeks which will lighten the "winter-blues" some may feel with the cold and short days.

But first we will spread the word at the Pet Expo this Saturday the 8th of May at the Pioneer Stadium in Christchurch from 10AM - 4PM

Elena, Victoria and I will all be there ready the give you more info on Neuropark and our vision.

We are very happy, that thanks to the support of every single one of our Neuropark members; Dog Watch, Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue and Nightrave Grehounds are able to bring their furry mates to Neuropark during their allocated spots every week.

I, and all the dogs, thank every single one of you for your ongoing support!🙏🙋‍♂️🐕

Stay tuned for the exciting changes .... more soon

Best to you all



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