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Canine NeuroPark ™©2020

Canine NeuroPark is a Rehabilitation Field and a Charitable Trust - simply; THE SAFEST Canine Park around for Physical and Mental rehabilitation or simply for exploration and a zoom around for your dog(s).

Canine NeuroPark Charity Trust ™©2020 is a unique, enclosed and locked canine rehabilitation, sensory & cognitive fitness park, in Christchurch, New Zealand, which Members can hire by the hour (NZ$12) or half hour (NZ$8). Membership (NZ$30 per year) is available to any responsible dog owner.

It is THE SAFE park for any dog owner wanting to enrich their dog physically & mentally in a calm and safe space, through exploration to build confidence.

Even better!! The profits form hiring our rehab park, will support other Charities which work hard to improve doggie life's by rehoming, treating and researching "Humans Best Friend"

The stations provide specific exercises to support a brains dynamic abilities, to anticipate the most efficient bodily state needed and the sensory causes within the environment, and update discrepancies by integrating incoming sensory information from the world and the body with the brains intrinsic predictions to minimize uncertainty.

Uncertainty feeds anxiety and negative feelings, thus it is important to be in this enclosed rehab space to ensure a feeling of certainty thus safety for the dog to explore. This will build confidence while helping the body and brain to strengthen and heal. A fancy way of saying:

Anticipating / Moving/ Feeling / Comparing/ Learning / Perceiving

The Physical Side:

We pride ourselves to provide you with the best Physio- & Rehab Therapy, Treatment and advice, by Registered Practitioners from AnimalPhysioNZ and their Registered Associates; for you to use the provided stations at Canine NeuroPark to help your dog to heal and pain to recede. Pain and Illness causes uncertainty and thus changes behaviour.

The Brain and Behaviour:

Our "Behaviour Adaptation" approaches are heavily influenced by contemporary neuroscience; what a brain does matters! A brains constant chemical - electrical excitement and deactivation (inhibition) always represents some idea about the world around and its body. Our approaches take those predictive actions of a self-organizing, dynamic system such as a brain into account.

Always bring treats, yes!, but don't be surprised when we tell you to stand back and let your dogs brain work it out; and don't be offended when we tell you to throw all aversive tools and methods out a window.


Opening Hours

Daily 5am - 10pm Summer Time

Daily 7am - 6pm Winter Time


Canine NeuroPark Location

25 Morganwood Street, Pacific Park, Bexley, Christchurch

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